Unique Mobile Observatory  –

This is an opportunity for astro enthusiasts to acquire an observatory solution with remarkable capabilities for heavier gear 75-150 kg. It is a highly specialized caravan, a trailer dome, manufactured by Trailer domes AB in Malmö, Sweden.

The trailer dome enables the astronomers to bring large and powerful gear fully mounted to remote dark sky locations. No more heavy and risky hassle with assembling and dismantling the entire rig every time, often in freezing darkness, and mostly alone.

An exceptionally smooth and safe damping solution protects the gear from shocks and vibrations during transportation. When parked, the trailer dome serves just as a permanent dome with the rig rock-solid anchored to the ground. The conversion takes 15 minutes either way, single-handedly. Out in the field, an adjoining control and resting cabin keeps the astronomers warm in winter and mosquito free in summer.

The various engineering solutions were granted a US patent in 2022 and have attracted attention from several large US and European contractors in the space defense sector, along with the prestigious MIT university in Boston. Capability wise, there is no match anywhere in the world.

This particular trailer dome is the original prototype behind the US patent, fully operational and in perfect condition, and could be picked up or shipped on short notice. It is recommended to visit the website of Trailer domes AB for a comprehensive description of all features and way of working: https://trailerdomes.com/

Please click on the link to get further details and contact info: https://trailerdomes.com/prototype_for_sale/