Short background – for potential industrial partners or investors

Our trailer dome prototype is the first mobile observatory in the world for fully mounted astronomical gears.

Three years of engineering and field testing was required to develop the unique capabilities and get the prototype in perfect operational condition. Shortly thereafter, a patent was issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office covering the concept and all vital technical solutions (April 2022).

Astronomers no longer need to assemble and dismantle the heavy and precious gear out in the remote dark sky fields anymore. No more hassle with heavy and risky lifting. And no more freezing cold nights or annoying mosquitos. The latter thanks to an adjoining control and resting room next to the open observatory cabin.

Please watch this 1-minute How-it-works movie to see key features.

Trailer domes will be offered to amateur astronomers, universities, and astronomical associations. Dark skies are the Holy Grails for all astronomers, and the prototype has accordingly already caught almost 10 000 of enthusiastic astronomers’ attention. From all parts of the world, with North-America and Europe accounting for 40% each (January 2023).

Seeking industrial partners or investors

It has proven to be quite an undertaking for an individual and sole shareholder to set up a proper organization for trailer domes. Being retired after 40 years in the industrial Supply chain IT sector, I obviously didn’t realize the full scope of challenges involved in establishing a new business with global reach.

I must therefore humbly admit that I’m too old for committing to what it takes. This kind of undertaking should be managed by younger professionals with a strong drive and ambition to further develop the astro gear industry by introducing a truly mobile observatory solution in the fast-growing premium market segment. There are already thousands of astro enthusiasts showing interest and a couple of hundreds who have taken direct contact. Even without being properly launched yet (June 2022).

I’m therefore seeking someone in the astro gear industry or elsewhere, with perhaps an already established organization and distribution, who wants to grasp the opportunity and take on the challenge. All the necessary engineering and manufacturing specifications are at hand, together with a recently granted US patent protection. Further, a fully featured and operational prototype is also at hand. 


The most fundamental prerequisites for a continuation in some form should thus be well in place. Besides, and not least, an already established industrial organization will be in a far better position to benefit from economy of scale and secure high manufacturing efficiency together with seamless commercial and legal procedures.

By interest of going forward, please take contact by phone or mail, or simply by submitting the form below. There are no preset conditions or terms from my side, rather only looking forward to an open and solution-oriented discussion.

Delivery options and quotations

Offerings could span from skilled DIY customers to clients who rather prefer a Turn-key trailer dome. There is a core kit of parts that presently could be manufactured at facilities in Sweden only, but the remaining components could just as good be organized locally. The latter will even save freight and spare our environment.

  • DIY offerings based on the core kit with optional add-ons for the remaining parts. The latter being either CAD drawings, manufactured components, or a combination of both.
  • Turn-key offering as customization. Quotations could quite conveniently be based on the prototype with re-works and modifications according to desired configuration.

For potential trailer dome clients, there will obviously be a certain delay in the ordering and delivery schedule. As outlined in sections above. On the other hand, potential clients will automatically be notified of a schedule release by signing up to the newsletters.

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