Astro imaging and Fine art printing – 

Our prints are produced with the highest quality of fine art paper, ink and printers available on the market with images representing authentic astrophotography without any artificially generated features or add-on composites.

The prints can be exposed with or without front glass due to a protective top layer from the reputable fine art specialist Hahnemühle in Germany. You might prefer to skip the glass depending on the lighting conditions in the room to avoid any reflections and thereby give your print a genuine and pristine appearance.

Every print comes with a data sheet describing the night sky object together with a technical card describing key capturing and processing details for the image. See examples of both in the slideshow. This in addition to a very discreet identification tag on every image itself, in the lower right corner.

When looking at the prints in the slideshow, please bear in mind that a web browser by no means can give you the true real-life impression and character of fine art prints. 
If you want an overview of all prints just press PDF. The PDF could be downloaded for a full overview of all prints as a whole.

How to order

  1.  Just fill in the order form below and press ‘Submit’. Or, you could simply email us at . You don’t pay anything now and have free order cancellation.
  2.  Same day or shortly after you will receive a confirmation with all details including payable amount and delivery time. You are not committed to accept our order confirmation. The order simply awaits your payment.
  3.  As soon as we have received your payment the order will be expedited for earliest possible delivery. You will get a full refund by returns within two weeks from receipt.

Order form

Just fill in all applicable fields with plain text. See an example here

Price list for Fine art prints

Unit prices are based on Swedish crowns (SEK) but any other ‘Preferred currency’ could be chosen in the order form. To see prices in other currencies press CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, PLN or USD. You could look up the link below the price list for additional info.

Press here for details about Preferred currency, VAT, Freight costs, Returns and Special requests.

Sizes and options

Other sizes than standard could be printed on request (longest side of image max 120 cm) but then delivered as images only without frames and passepartouts.
Even standard print sizes are available as images only without frames and passepartouts, see optional field for this in the order form. 

In the order form you could also choose the option to leave out the signature on the images. A discreet signature will otherwise show in the lower left corner on the images.

Production process

Our print process starts by capturing hundreds of raw images of the night sky object with dedicated astro cameras, often over multiple nights with 12-15 hours total exposure time.
The telescopes have optical tube diameters of 350-430 mm with focal lengths from 3 000 to 10 000 mm. The camera sensors have up to 62 million pixels and are cooled to -35 ºC below ambient temperature.  

Next step is post-processing of the raw images with sophisticated imaging software. Our hardware has water-cooled processors to cope with this demanding task in an efficient way. It all ends up with one single combined image out of the many hundreds.  

Our imaging process often uses the same colorizing techniques as professional Observatories for Cosmological research to reveal structures and contours that otherwise would have been invisible.  Although they are there – at all time. The most well-known is the Hubble SHO Palette where Red–Green–Blue are mapped against narrowband emissions from Sulphur-Hydrogen–Oxygen.

The last step is the physical printing of the final image. Here we collaborate with a long trusted partner specialized in this field utilizing the latest available materials and technologies only.  

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