The picture below shows the most basic infrastructure around the astro rig. More details about such features could be found on the website in section TRAILER.

The two adjoining cabins have wide outside doors and an inside door in between. They have two separate ventilation systems due to different functions:

  • Control and resting cabin has gas heating with appropriate air outlets.
  • The air fan in the observatory section secures a slight over-pressure
    to avoid unfiltered false air intake during transportation and serves also 
    as extra cooling capacity for the gear.


The two main modes Transport and Observation can be seen in the picture below. Their distinct configurations reach two different objectives:

  • During transportation, the gear should indeed be firmly attached to the trailer
    but still as loose as possible making it the smoothest moving object on the whole equipage,
    i.e. including the towing car.
  • During observation, the gear should be anchored rock-solid to the ground
    and be completely detached from the trailer itself.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to convert the rig between transport and observation modes, single-handedly. Without any heavy lifting whatsoever.

Please look up the Conversion PDF for the procedure and watch the whole transition live in this Conversion Movie.

Stationary mode

This third mode is applicable when staying on the same location for a longer time. You only need to lower the gear, close the tilt-back roof and snap a foam cover onto the otherwise open pier well. The cabin will then be completely sealed to keep dust and insects out of the observatory. 

The next astro session will of course be very quick and easy to start up. In that sense, the stationary mode turns the trailer dome into a traditional and stationary astro dome. For instance, parked in your own backyard.

Mount adapters

We have an on-going co-operation with several mount manufacturers for design of mount specific adapters.
Common for all adapters is the capability of full 360° Z rotation (azimuthal) in combination with ±3° XY leveling.
The listing below shows the present status, thus updated on a continuous basis.


10 Micron GM1000
Astro-Physics 1100GTO
Celestron CGX
iOptron CEM70
Sky-Watcher EQ8 PRO
Software Bisque MYT
Taurus 400
Vixen AXJ


ASA Astrosysteme DDM100
Takahashi EM-400
Other brands and models on demand