Ultimate solution for heavy astro gear

Trailer domes are highly specialized caravans for transportation of fully mounted telescopes in an exceptionally smooth and secured way. When parked, they serve as a traditional astro dome with the rig anchored rock-solid to the ground and completely detached from the caravan.

This unique capability maximizes the usability of heavier astro gear. But also, the benefits of the same. The astronomers can safely and in great comfort take their powerful telescopes to locations with ideal observation conditions without the heavy and somewhat risky hassle of assembling and dismantling the entire rig every time.

The best seeing conditions are normally found at remote dark sky locations. Preferably also at higher grounds, and usually during the cold and dark winter season. The trailer domes have therefore two adjoining cabins where the astronomers can manage their sessions from a heated control and resting room separated from the open observatory cabin.

Out in the field, a trailer dome offers of course further the convenience of always having all accessories and sufficient battery capacity available. And, perhaps not least, the rather pleasant convenience of mosquito free stargazing nights..


A heavy suspension platform 280 kg protects the gear from being hit by shocks, jolts and vibrations during transport.

During observation, the rig stands fully released from the trailer on an anchored tripod with a ground weight of 440 kg. 

Conversions take approximately 15 minutes either way, single-handedly.

Trailer domes can be parked in a sealed stationary mode with the gear in a lowered position although still being fully rigged and ready for observation.


16” astro gear of GEM type
150 kg with counterweights

1100 x 1100 x 1100 cubic mm

Prototype carries a C14” tube on a CGE Pro mount with an extended counterweight bar. It typically fits well within all limitations.


The combined weight of the trailer dome’s own platform and the mounted gear is always balanced to 280 kg by varying the number of small ballast plates. Light gear requires more plates, heavier gear less.
Likewise, the centre of gravity and the virtual suspension point for the combined platform are aligned by selecting the appropriate mounting height on the platform for the damping trains.

When using the same gear every time there is no need to change anything in respect of neither combined weight nor suspension alignment.

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